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Inspired by their 1941 wooden Admiral radio, this South Carolina- based husband and wife duo creates an Americana sound rooted in tradition that touches the heartstrings of the modern-day listener. With tight vocal harmonies, endearing storytelling and authentic energy, Becca and Coty hold a presence that is palpable and real, both on and off stage. 


Admiral Radio has shared stages with critically-acclaimed acts like Del McCoury, Chatham County Line, Judah & the Lion, and more. The duo has two independently-produced albums under their belt, their debut original record 'Sounds Like You' in 2020 and 'Songs From The Vault' in 2022, an EP of songs from the public domain. 


Simply put, Becca and Coty aim to leave listeners better than they found them. With a personal sincerity and honest performance, you might shed a few tears and roll with laughter. The duo recently won first place at the 2024 Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Competition and 2024 LEAF NewSong Songwriting Competition, and was a finalist in the legendary Kerrville New Folk Competition, International Songwriting Competition, and more. Admiral Radio is taking leaps of faith to share their songs and stories with listeners across the country, inviting you to gather ‘round the radio in modern times.

About the Radio

Admiral Radio

Founded in 1934, Admiral Corp. and was once one of America's top producers of radios, TVs, and phonographs.  At the height of World War II, Admiral was the weekly sponsor for CBS Radio Network's Sunday evening program,World News Today. As cheaper, foreign imports made their way into the American economy, Admiral began to crumble. What was once as recognizable as saying 'Apple' or 'Amazon', Admiral would be bought and sold to a long list of buyers, eventually fading from the U.S. market altogether.

As fate would have it, Becca's late grandfather, Charlie Smith, Sr., was actually a salesman for Admiral. In fact, he was awarded "Top Salesman of the Year" for the state of South Carolina many years in a row and even won a trip to Rio with his wife through the company, pictured above.  The award you see in the picture to the right sits atop of Becca and Coty's very own Admiral radio today.  How's that for divine intervention?  Although her grandfather passed away many years before she was born, Becca and Coty are proud to help him continue the Admiral legacy. 


Becca and Coty are old souls. Just about everything in their house comes with a story. In 2018, they were on the hunt for a vintage radio. After a little digging, they found one tucked away in the back of a dusty antique store in Columbia, SC. As Becca's dad helped load it up into the back of his truck, he noticed something.  It was an Admiral Radio.

It didn't mean much at the time, but it turns out that there was a family connection. "My dad used to work for Admiral," her dad said. They immediately felt an unlikely connection to the radio and began doing some research on it. Little did they know, it would become their band name about a year later when they began playing music.


For Becca and Coty, the name Admiral has acquired new significance. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get lost in the noise.  When they think of their '41 Admiral radio, they picture the folks of that era gathered around their radios at  

night, listening to the evening news and programs. The radio was absolutely the source, the hub. They imagine folks huddled 'round together, listening to the radio.


And as a band, this duo redefines what it's like to gather around the radio in modern times. In an age where mechanized bells and whistles are the norm, Admiral Radio weaves a sonic tapestry of timeless folk roots and powerful harmonies by getting back to the basics of good songwriting and honest music that paints a picture of life as we know it. Their hope is to allow listeners to steal away in a modern era and get lost in the music, and to help make sense of the world through timeless sound.

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